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Summer's Coming!

Posted on February 4th, 2021 by Steve Young

What a great and rare opportunity to spend time at my desk inside the comforts of my office. Outside another blizzard is stirring, and it looks like we're in for another whooping!  Just as I got everything tidied up from last weeks storm a fresh blanket is being laid down to dig out of when the storm passes. With back to back storms I keep repeating my winter mantra that "Summer's coming".

Summer is coming with only 133 days until the first CSA delivery on June 17th. Sounds like a lot of time but with everything to do in preparation for the new season it's really not that much time at all.

I'm ready now to put my snow shovel away and get planting. Thank you to those who've already signed up for the season. It's been encouraging to see the sign-up numbers rise every week. It's early and there's still time if you're planning to renew your vegetable/egg subscription.  I hope to have enough room reserved for our past members to get in however I do have a limit to how many shares I can accept. If you are planning to return it might be best to renew sooner than later. Share prices are the same at $670.00 and the same payment plan is available if you want to pay as you go through the season. 

For now let's do everything we can to get through the next groundhog predicted six weeks of winter. I'm sure spring will be as spectacular as always after a long cold winter. Stay healthy, cozy, and warm!

Take care,

Steve Young

Rare Earth Farm