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Farm Happenings for June 17, 2021

Posted on June 11th, 2021 by Steve Young

Here we go everyone! Next Thursday June 17th is our first CSA delivery for the season. Here's a couple reminders to consider before then.

First, get onto your dashboard and confirm your pick up location. Unless you're picking up at the farm, all other locations respectfully need to be picked up no later than by 8:00pm on the same day. Look at the label on the shipping container and be sure to take the box with your name on it.

The shipping containers your food is brought to your pickup location in needs to remain at the pickup site. DO NOT TAKE IT HOME! The liner inside the box can be removed from the plastic shipping container and then take that home with you. This year the content label with your name at the top will be slipped into a pouch fixed to the box. As a good way to track your items received for the season your welcome to remove the label from the pouch and take it home with you.

Each week a message will be sent to you on Friday evening which signals the customization period has begun when you can opt to modify your delivery for the week. You have until 8:00 pm on Sundays to make any changes. If you haven't gone into your account and declared your preferences, the Harvie program enables you to do that to help with delivering more of the food items you prefer to receive. You can go in at any time during the season to modify your preferences.

In regards to your weekly credit card payments, your card will be charged on Wednesday morning. If you need any explanation for charges incurred at any time it would be best for you to contact the people at the Harvie support desk.

That's about it other than it's been really dry and would surely enjoy getting some rain soon. Irrigation running every day is keeping everything alive.

Thank you for participating and I hope you'll enjoy the program we have lined up this year. Take care!


Steve Young

Rare Earth Farm