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The Best Time of the Year is Now!

Posted on September 4th, 2020 by Steve Young

September is one of the greatest times of the year for farmers. All the planning and caring for the crops throughout the season finally come to a final fruition. When you see all the produce harvested and ready to sell, or in our case distribution to our CSA member it's a sensational feeling of mission accomplished. The shows not over yet with eight more deliveries to finish the season. We have plenty more vegetables in the field and inside our greenhouses that need tending to fill out the remaining deliveries. So to say mission accomplished at this time may be a little premature but its still a well deserved notion.

Perhaps the same sense of accomplishment in your own kitchen needs to be acknowledged. So I say congrats to all.  I do imagine you're all feeling energized having a great melody of fresh produce in your summer diet. I hope you'll agree that this is truly the best time of the year. Cease the moment everyone! Take care and have a great week.

Farmer Steve