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Farm Happenings for July 30, 2020

Posted on July 24th, 2020 by Steve Young

Our garlic will be harvested soon but first removing the curly seed stem shown in this weeks feature image helps to size up the bulb that's still underground. This part of the garlic plant which is typically removed is called the "scape". While we're waiting to harvest the bulb the scape can be used in a similar fashion in prepared food dishes where a garlic clove is normally called for. Having that same great garlic flavor as the bulb it will pacify our palettes for garlic until the bulbs are completely harvested and cleaned up for distribution.

An unfortunate circumstance a few years ago much of my garlic was lost from an erratic mid winter thaw. Every year since that event I've been holding back small amounts of garlic for replanting while still passing out what I can spare. Garlic acclimates itself to the soil conditions its grown in so saving seed is a very important part of the whole garlic growing process. I could go out an by garlic for replanting, however for me it wouldn't be the same. This is the garlic's homeland and the relationship I have with it perhaps is similar to someone caring for a sourdough culture.  So as I slowly nurse my seed stock back to were it needs to be deciding how much to save and how much to pass has not an easy choice. I know the more I pass out puts smiles on peoples faces but then there's less to plant for next year. I'm happy to say this year will yield more than last year but I'm still needing to continue building my seed stock to where I think it needs to be.  I know most everyone can't get enough garlic so in light of that fact I will continue to plant more until someone complains about receiving too much garlic. It's going to be probably another two to three weeks before I can get some out to you. Until then enjoy the garlic scapes. Take care!

Farmer Steve