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Farm Happenings for July 23, 2020

Posted on July 17th, 2020 by Steve Young

Weeds galore! One of the hardest tasks on the farm is weeding. It seems most people have a hard time putting themselves into the right state of mind enabling them to endure through this arduous but essential undertaking. What cultivating with our machinery can't catch the rest has to be done by hand. Often we're crawling down long crop rows on hands and knees for hours on end.

These kind of jobs at one time were said to be geared for people who had a "strong back and a weak mind". That's absolutely not true! Weeding takes a strong back and most importantly a strong mind. A strong mind allows one to rise above the discomfort of being in the physical realm and transcend to a level of spiritual bliss by digging into the earth. It's only when you achieve that kind of focus that weeding becomes a joyful endeavor. It's a perfect meditation that also provides a tremendous physical workout. On a beautiful summer day like in the picture weeding becomes a task you look forward to and find there's a personal reward that comes along with the job. Probably won't ever see a sustainable business out there in the urban world called "Anytime Weeding" for a full body and mind workout. An exercise routine without treadmills, weight machines and mirrors in an air-conditioned building, would most likely not draw the crowds. For us weeding is essential on all levels, and so it's pretty certain we'll be weeding for the rest of the summer. No weeding - no food period!

Eat well!

Farmer Steve