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Farm Happenings for August 6, 2020

Posted on July 31st, 2020 by Steve Young

It's August and tomatoes are finally starting to ripen. At the time of authoring this edition of Happenings we just made our first sweep through the field for gold cherry tomatoes. Not getting quite as much as we'll need for the week we'll scour through the field again in a few days.  So the good news is there will be tomatoes in this coming weeks delivery. How many will all depend on the progress of further ripening. Of everything we grow at the farm the tomato is one of my personal favorites. Refusing to buy tomatoes from the store, having fresh tomatoes once again is true cause for celebration. A tremendous amount of work goes into growing tomatoes and all so for a pretty short lived season. Propagation, transplanting weeding, mulching, and the staking and trellising are all prerequisite duties that have to be done to guarantee a quality harvest. The feature picture this week was taken during a trellising session. Trellising is the last phase of work to be done before the harvest begins. With over 2000 plants staked and trellised you can plan on receiving more tomatoes in the weeks to come. We all have our fingers crossed here for a great tomato season.

Have a great week!

Farmer Steve