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Farm Happenings for October 24, 2020

Posted on October 17th, 2020 by Ben Sayler

It’s hard to believe, but the main farming season is almost over. The last days of the main season are Nov. 11th (Wed.) or Nov. 14th (Sat.). Not to worry, the EXTENDED SEASON will keep you going and starts the week after the main season on Nov. 18th or 21st. Your support means the world to us-by committing to eating fresh, local food, you are truly helping yourself and your community stay heathy and happy. We trust you have been pleased with your CSA experience this year and we would love to continue being your farm. Produce list is at the bottom of this email.

As a convenience to you, your CSA farm share will automatically renew into the extended season on October 26th.  You will receive an email about your membership details on this date.  At that time, you will have 3 days as a grace period in which you can make changes or cancel your order prior to your card being charged. On October 29th your card will be charged and your membership will be renewed with us!  

Here are the extended season’s details for you to review:
-Will start on Nov. 18th (Wed.) or Nov. 21st (Sat.)
-This will continue for approximately 10 weeks
-Your location, day and time will all remain the same
-Your share size will remain the same with the exception of eggs
-Eggs can be added weekly to your share as extras
-You can always change your location, size, or place holds
-‘Pay as you go’-pay weekly when that week’s share has been finalized
-Inclement weather will be handled as needed if we need to delay or cancel  

Don’t want to participate in this season?
To opt out of auto renew
Log into your Harvie account here →
Update your auto renew settings  
What if I need to change my location, pick up day, or share size?  
No problem, let us know and we can make the change for you or you can make changes to your order during or after the grace period.  

What if I don’t want the extended season but want to participate in the future?  
Just login and uncheck the auto renew box. When you are ready to join us again, just sign up as you normally would. You’ll still have an account with us!  

Why is my farm doing auto renew vs. traditional sign up methods?  
Auto renew is done as a courtesy to you. Simply “set it and forget it” and continue to get farm-fresh produce from us season to season without missing a delivery. You no longer have to remember to sign up every season. We take the worry out of it. This also ensures your spot gets saved before sign ups open to the general public!  

What if I still have holds on shares from the main season?
Please reschedule any held shares to another day during the main season. If you pay weekly and do not reschedule a held share you will not be charged for it. If you have paid in full or have a partial payment plan, please reschedule to get the full value of your paid shares.  

Questions or concerns? Just reply back to this email or reach out to and we’ll be happy to answer your questions!  

This is what we plan to have for the extended season:

Salad Mix
Heads of Lettuce
Tuscan Kale
Curly Kale
Salad Radish
Watermelon Radish
Salad Turnip
Purple Top Turnips
Brussel Sprouts
Red Cabbage
Green Cabbage
Gold Beets
Red Beets
Yellow Onions
Butternut Squash
Acorn Squash
Spaghetti Squash
Apples-lots of varieties
Potatoes (if we can find a local source)

Goat Cheese
Hot sauce
Canned Peaches
Apple Sauce
Apple Cider
Olive Oil
Dried Herbs and Spices
Canned Goods
Baked Goods

Depending on when we get a hard freeze, we will have these at the beginning of the extended season:
Bell Peppers
Lunchbox Peppers
Jalepeno Peppers
Poblano Peppers
Italian Eggplant
Asian Eggplant

Looking forward to the extended season with your support!