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The bounty of fall!

Posted on September 20th, 2020 by Katherine Creswell

Hooray for rain!  Hopefully you all are breathing a little easier today.  This week we're focussed on finalizing the build of our new high tunnel, getting storage crops like winter squash and cabbage out of the field, and pulling summer plants like tomatoes and peppers out of the ground to make way for winter plantings.  It's a busy time, but quieter times are in sight!


You'll see some new items available this week, including a whole suite of alliums (the onion family).  Garlic is available, though unfortunately we had nearly a complete loss of that crop last winter due to voles eating the cloves we planted.  It'll be available until it's sold out.  We also have shallots and red onions to add to the list.  Spaghetti squash is currently available, as it doesn't require a curing process, but know that it won't store for much more than a couple of weeks on your kitchen counter.  Our other winter squashes are still curing, which means their flavor is improving and their skin is toughening up to help them store much longer.


Tomatoes are still available (cherry, roma/paste/sauce, and beefsteak) as well as bell peppers, but this might be their last week so if you love these crops, be sure to stock up.


Enjoy the bounty, the clearer air, and the first day of fall!

-Katherine and Spencer