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Farm Happenings for September 20, 2022

Posted on September 17th, 2022 by Mike Milsom

Silly thoughts that go through my head as we progress down the beds of Romas..

Maybe we should offer a course entitled 'How to Pick Properly' I thought to myself as we crawled along, picking.

People could sign up for the course at $199 which is only $169 if you apply the easily accessible dicount code. 

Musing further..

It should be an 8 hour course that would include an initial full 15 minute instructional segment following 7 hours and 45 minutes of practice featuring sideline encouragments from Mike himself and an evaluation at day's end.  The successful candidates at the completion of the course will get small bag of freshly harvested vegetables OFFICIAL certificate.  Now who doesn't like earning an official certificate?  (wry grin)

I know this is silly...but somehow I can't help but feel that somewhere out there, there is someone doing something like this and doing very well by it (lol)

Moving on...

This week's share is a special one as we are in the flush part of the season. You will want to take advantage of those tomatoes as their time with us this year is brief.  Chilli peppers and onions all make for a very good homemade salsa or the foundation for your favorite Chilli recipe.  

The last of the Norland reds this week but we are boasting of a bumper crop of Yukon Golds which go beautifully with the leeks to make a sensational Leek and Potato soup. Yum :-) 

The winter squash start their fall procession with the always popular Delicata. Beautiful size this year.  Down the road there is the Spaghetties and the Butternuts. 

For you cabbage lovers out there, we still have plenty and we are moving into a new bed of kale so the leaves will be just so lovely.  Beets and kale make one heck of smoothie if you are feeling adventerous.

Lots and lots to choose from and as always, we hope you enjoy.