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A Farm Happening for the September 7th Farm Stand

Posted on September 4th, 2022 by Mike Milsom

So as we continue to develop our Farm Stand I thought it prudent to expand on how to participate should there be interest. Note that the closing date for the customization period is a day later this week (the 5th instead of the 4th) for those that want to take advantage.

There are a few extra items that may be extra attractive to you that didn't make this weeks share list. Note worthy items are beautful fresh broccoli that are loving the cooler air and leaks. Freshly dug Red Norland potatoes and some incredible cabbage are also available. For you zucchini lovers (particularily those who want to put some in the freezer or to make relish) we have in abundance. Looking like we will have some tomatoes that have started to ripen in their cardboard boxes. So at the flushest part of the season, this is a great opportunity to fill the pantry. If you are already coming to pick up your share, we offer cash sales at the door or you can place any of your extra purchases this way as well. 

You can go to the Farm Stand through your profile or one of these two links should get you to us. Any problems navigating or purchasing please let us know and we will help as we can.

Farm Stand Link:


Shop Link:

Looking forward to seeing you :-)


PS Here is the link for this weeks regular Farm Happening should you wish to read it :-)