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Farm Happenings for November 18, 2021- The 2021 Winter Gift

Posted on November 15th, 2021 by Mike Milsom

Ever seen one of those corny family Christmas movies and there is that scene when the Dad gets caught in some sort of obviously fake Santa costume putting presents under the tree.. we are (lol).

Every year, we hope to be able to offer a Winter Gift from the field. We do this for a couple of reasons. The first is simply to express our gratitude for being involved in the season that is past. The second, is to help further illustrate what a CSA share actually is as folks seem to struggle a bit with the concept.  When you sign up, there are all these qualifiers that get us 'off the hook' if for some reason we get invaded by a host of locusts or something like that.  Fair enough.

But what 'if' things go really well?  You were share holders in a season..that was successful. So, as such, here is a little bit of a bonus for you and your family from the field :-)

Back three years ago when we were very small and I knew everyone I could just sneak around and do the delivery. That isn't possible anymore so I asked Harvie Farm to create a share that includes everyone so hopefully we can get around in once pass.  Apparently, like that corny family Christmas movie, this operation isn't as covert as intended and it has created a bit of a nightmare for the logistic department. I am going to have to talk with them tomorrow as I already see it isn't quite as intended. 

So...errr...ummm...   HO HO HO..

I won't know the timing of the routes until I complete this Farm Happening and Finalize the Share. But essentially, it will be this week..more or less when you were delivered to throughout the season. If you have any of our re-usable green bags, just like when you were kids, you can put them out like stockings for Santa..  lol.

So, this is a little awkward..but at least there is a dash of snow in the air to create the right ambiance for the delivery :-)

No bows, no customizations...just a small gift of thanks. I hope you enjoy :-)