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Farm Happenings for August 20, 2022

Posted on August 14th, 2022 by Jessica Linton

We are all breathing a sigh of relief with this cooler weather! Even though I grew up in Virginia, it still shocks me how hot and humid it can be through September. So we are taking advantage of the cooler weather with lots of walks around the farm. This week, we have a really special offering! Hayou Farms is picking their famous raspberries. These berries are nothing like the watery, flavorless fruit found in the grocery store. Instead they taste like raspberry jam in fresh form! Truly bingeable, I would suggest buying an extra carton because it is way too easy to eat a whole carton in one sitting. We also have the most delicious non-alcoholic sparkling apple cider from Showalter Orchards. Imagine Martinelli's but better, made from no-spray sweet apples grown right down the road from us! I'd take a glass of the Showalter Sparkling Cider over a pint of beer any day. 

In happy news, our mushroom grower Alex at Anathallo Acres and his wife had their baby last week. Both mom and baby are doing awesome, healthy, and happy but things are little hectic around their house now so you guys won't see mushrooms listed for a little while! We are also celebrating the new breakfast and lunch cafe our baker Daniel at Seasons Yield Farm has opened in Lexington this year. If you guys are ever passing through, I would highly recommend stopping in! They run their cafe at the Haywood Restaurant, a Lexington classic on Main Street, from Monday- Saturday 7-2. They have an espresso bar, bread and pastries, a variety of toasts, salads, and sandwiches. It is so cool to be a part of this partnership with so many local farms and to celebrate all our wins and life milestones!