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Farm Happenings for the week of August 1, 2020

Posted on July 30th, 2020 by Jessica Foote

Hello all,

I am excited to see the garden finally growing the variety our season can bring! We haven't had a ton of rain but enough that the crops are starting to preform to their full potential! I am a day late getting this out because we were focusing on row cultivating, weeding and taking a field inventory. Planing baskets isn't an easy task it takes a field walk of our garden, a lot of estimating, and projecting maturity rates, which of course vary with the weather. It takes a lot of observation and checking up on crops to make sure they don't surprise us with their bounty or their failure to thrive depending on the weather conditions!

Anyhow, I am excited to say we will have carrots and bunched beets, potatoes, broccoli, eggplant, beans and watermelon added to our shares list! Not all are bountiful (ie.broccoli, which now tastes amazing! Sorry, for the hot weather bitterness I didn't catch!)

I also, want feedback, please if you run into for example a black heart in cabbage please let us know! We can't see everything from the outside. These little things tell us a lot about the nutrient balance in the soil! Some of it is a result of the weather conditions and the inability of the plant to absorb what it needs. Others if the problem is knew I would need to research! So keep us informed! I will tell you there are always going to be the odd green caterpillars, and the little holes from the flea beetles! The alternative isn't an option....we don't eat the holes anyway do we?

Another note! I am adding some of the products to our Extras for purchase! A lot of people have been asking for the honey and the Maple Syrup, Kombucha, and such! They will all have alfalfa as their picture until we update the farm profile! So please read carefully! Some things will also cost a touch more to cover the administration fee for the computer services.

See you soon!

Cheers your farmer, Jess


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