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Farm Happenings for the week of June 20, 2020 -PLEASE READ!

Posted on June 17th, 2020 by Jessica Foote

Hello Everyone,

I am a day earlier but not quite on time yet! We will get there before the end of the season, but at least we are up to 2 days for customization changes. I promise this will get easier, I am not sure if I say that for your sake or my sake at this point, but none the less I am sure it will.

Review of times:

ON Farm- SATURDAY- 12am-4pm

ON FARM Tuesday 12am-4pm (If you need to come latter please send a quick text so we can leave it out!)

Lindsay -4:30-5:30pm -437 William St. North

Bowmanville- 6-7pm -Baseline Community Center

Brooklin-5-6pm- M2 Financials

Lakefield -4:30-5:30pm - (Temporarily 113 Robinson St., PTBO -We will be back at Lakefield July 2nd)

PTBO- 4:30-5:30pm -113 Robinson Street

I realize these are not the same as the emails you get, however that is a profile that was set up last November and I have not had a chance to change it! I need to be in the field planting crops, watering and weeding, not in front of a computer. I will update as soon as I can. Thanks for your understanding, I wear many hats but my priority will always be the field.

So, we are in a drought pray for rain, we have had a June 15th frost pray for those that lost their crops! We were thankfully lucky and had most things covered. It touched the asparagus once again we will not be harvesting anymore, sorry to disappoint, it won't be in shares this year.We have strawberries coming on they will not be put through the Harvie system! We will add them on the side so they will be a surprise. I assume that everyone wants them so we bring them for everyone. But that allows us flexibility for rotating them to what shares get them which week if necessary.

The zucchini are flowering and soon to be fruiting, kale and chard are almost ready in the field and so are the green onions! Bok choi will be available for baskets as well! We will continue to have Kendal Hills Mushrooms through out the season, I personally have loved them! Seems like many people have acquired a taste for them as well.

We are running drop lines and irrigating as fast as we can to keep the variety coming! Please be very water conscious, water is a privilege that we take for granted in this country, but with climate change shortages could be a problem we all face. I believe we should all be planning for that real possibility by conserving everything we can.

We take pints and quarts back and are looking at ways to reduce the increase in plastic we have seen since COVID prepackaging  started as the garbage disgusts me. How can we be organic if we aren't practicing do diligence in all aspects of our lives! I think we will start using larger clam shells with the hopes that people will bring them back. We will sun them and then soak to disinfect! Let me know what you think at drop off or pick up! Even if you are telling the staff the message gets around.

Meat, eggs, Puddleduck Maple Syrup, Jons Wildflower Honey, and Belly of the Beast Kombucha, and Elderberry Syrup are available on farm, if you want any of the above items you can email a request and I will try and remember to bring them! We are continuing to support all our Community as best we can.

I need to go do chores now. See you at drop off! Call if you have questions :905-986-9612

I have a headset and can work and talk depending on the task!

Cheers your farmer, Jess


"Putting the Culture Back in Agriculture!"