Farm Happenings at Kilt Farm
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Farm Happenings at Kilt Farm

CSA Week 20 - Frost on the fields, tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts

Posted on October 14th, 2022
View from the Tractor - The Final Share 20 weeks ago I was so excited about the season ahead with life in full swing around the farm. We had a couple of big projects done, the fields planted and so much food ready to go. Now at the end of the season I think I am just as excited about finishing the season... read more »

Week 19 - Really feels like fall

Posted on October 7th, 2022
View from the Tractor All of the farmers really earned their farming stripes this week. Well, late last week my family and I came down with Covid. It took three years to get a hold of us, and I am grateful for such a good long run without it-- Especially in light of Aiden finally being fully vaccinated.... read more »

CSA Week 18: September ends and fall takes hold.

Posted on September 30th, 2022
View from the Tractor It is so nice heading to the farm in the morning looking at the slight change in trees as the cooler weather settles in. The days are noticeably shorter now that we are the cusp of October. All of our summer staff have either gone back to school or moved on to their next phase.... read more »

CSA Week 17: Feeling like Fall

Posted on September 23rd, 2022
View from the Tractor Happy Fall. The past few days of rain have really made my heart sing. Actually needing to wear a jacket for some of the day has been so dang refreshing. You can even feel the plants exhaling in the fields as life for all of us is getting a little bit easier. I may even be able... read more »

CSA Week 16: Autumnal Equinox

Posted on September 16th, 2022
View from the Tractor Happy Sweet 16 CSA Week. I love this time of year as the weather cools and the days get shorter --just a bit-- every day. This Thursday is the Autumnal Equinox which normally shifts life on the farm when there is less than 12 hours of daylight. The weeds grow a whole lot slower,... read more »

CSA Week 15: Fall is here

Posted on September 8th, 2022
View from the Tractor Milestones have been popping up all around this week, including reaching the ¾ point in the season, a fall-like weekend of weather, onion processing, ripening of red bell peppers and water fading away.  The weather has been intense for farmers and their crops. A week... read more »

CSA Week 14 - Happy Labor Day!

Posted on September 1st, 2022
View from the Tractor Happy Labor Day from your farmers. I hope you and your family can find a cool spot this weekend to celebrate your good works. Your trusty farmers will be working to make sure our food is ready for you-- This is what we do. We labor to feed our community, and we invite you to raise... read more »

Lucky CSA Week 13 - Summer-fall mash up

Posted on August 26th, 2022
View from the Tractor Well, here we are at lucky week 13 of the CSA. Labor Day is right around the corner signaling the end of the summer vacation season with school back in full swing. Labor Day for the farmers is a marker on the calendar where we continue to labor away. The summer crops are coming... read more »

Week 12 - Back to school

Posted on August 19th, 2022
View from the Tractor Wow, what a wonderful farm open house last Saturday. It was wonderful to see past and current CSA members and their families. We even had some farm curious folks come out and give the farm a tour. The comments, smiles and attaboys for the farmers here at Kilt Farm that poured from... read more »