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Welcome to the autumn CSA!

Posted on August 31st, 2019 by Zach Hawkins

We’ll begin this season savoring the fleeting tastes of summer—fresh tomatoes, green beans, burgers on the grill—and end up reveling in the cozy flavors fall, like frost-kissed vegetables, slow-roasted chickens, and fresh sourdough bread still warm from the oven. What a great time of year for local eating!

In addition to our regular livestock and garden work, this week we are preparing next year’s garden beds. For the past several weeks, our laying hens have been grazing the ground that will grow next season’s vegetables, fertilizing the soil and hunting down insect pests. Now they’ll move on to other parts of the farm so we can work the ground, shape beds, and sow cover crops to protect the soil through winter. This is one of many ways we tend the health of the whole farm, and—though it comes at a busy time—it’s also one of my favorite jobs to do.

Thanks for joining us for the autumn season. We’re grateful to have your support!

Your farmer,