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New Pullets on the Farm

Posted on September 6th, 2019 by Zach Hawkins

A new flock of laying hens recently arrived on the farm. It won't be long before the young hens pictured here--called pullets--will be outdoors pecking seeds, scratching dirt, chasing bugs, and swallowing whole blades of grass. For a few days after they come to our farm, however, they remain inside in order to learn where "home" is. Our birds spend the bulk of their lives outdoors on pasture, but we train them to make their way into safe housing each night so that they can avoid the jaws or talons of a predator. And having them reliably inside also allows us to close the door and move the "henmobile" to various locations on the farm where their pecking, scratching, and fertilizing are most needed. These birds are about 17 weeks old, nearly ready to start laying eggs. Their eggs for the first few weeks will be small, but prized for their concentrated flavor. When they are ready, we will make "pullet eggs" available as extras that you can order and try. Happy eating!

Your farmer,