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Gravel Road Farm news September 2 2022

Posted on September 3rd, 2022 by Brigid Ferkett

Gravel Road Farm News, September 3 2022

We’ve had a busy week, with the kids back to school, and harvest season in full swing. We've had some help with some of the harvesting, from our work share volunteers- Ken, Liz and Jessica. They put a lot of work into picking beans, watermelons, and tomatoes. We are so grateful! 

The melons are plentiful still this week along with beans, and tomatoes. Fennel is back! Lettuce is still taking some time off. New this week are leeks and Brussels sprouts! Also, we are including locally grown seedless table grapes this week. These are different from what you would find in the grocery store. They are grown in Iola by John and Mary Makovec and the variety is Somerset. These are not organic.

The farm is still very busy with life in every nook and cranny. Many of the songbirds have migrated and we miss their sweet songs but the cranes are loudly callings while flocking up at the wetland at night, along with a ducks, and good numbers of Canada geese. There are many butterflies on the zinnias, and bumblebees still on the winter squash blossoms.

We have bulk tomatoes, but they won’t be much longer so if you want to can salsa or sauce, get some extra tomatoes this week. We may have bulk green beans and bulk pickles, depending on how the weather works. As the daylight gets shorter, it will be dark at the end of the pick up window- 7pm, so please do your best to get your box as soon as possible so that you aren’t in the dark. If you have an empty bouquet jar, or mini crate, please leave it out on your porch for pick up. Thanks!