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Gravel Road Farm News, August 27 2022

Posted on August 27th, 2022 by Ross Ferkett

Gravel Road Farm News, August 27 2022

This is week 12 of the CSA. Occasionally, some customers will assume that the vegetables are ending because the weather is turning, but the prime harvest season has just begun. Our last week of the vegetable boxes will be either Oct. 4th or Oct. 11th depending on what week you started or if you rescheduled any boxes. 

We have watermelons and cantaloupes - a lot of them. The melon season is short, so add some extra or swap them into your box so that you can enjoy them while they are here. A lot of people who don’t like cantaloupe have never had a fresh ripe one in season. We think our melons are really amazing!

Lettuce is taking a little break, and so are carrots. There are no more zucchini for 2022. If you really want some, there are still vendors at the Waupaca farmers market that have it. Green beans are back. Onions took a couple weeks off for curing, but now they are ready to go again. They are in 2lb amounts, which is about 3-5 onions. There are some interesting microgreens from Summers Garden available as well.

Bulk tomato boxes are ready for ordering. You can get juice tomatoes or sauce tomatoes. The sauce tomatoes are drier paste tomatoes. A lot of the juice tomatoes are just misshapen and not good to sell as slicing tomatoes, but you can certainly eat them fresh if you want. You can freeze tomatoes whole to use in soups and stews later in winter. Just rinse, lay out on a tray, and freeze whole. Then once they are frozen, put in a freezer bag. When you want to use them, just take them out and plop in some warm water, the skin comes off! You can also slice them in half and take out the seeds and freeze that way.

Bulk corn for freezing is also available. Our market on Saturday got rained out, so we have extra corn to sell. Here's your chance to get some great Turners corn at a discounted price.

We are excited for the upcoming farm to table dinner. Tickets are sold out! It is a fundraising event for the Waupaca Farmers Market and will be in Weyauwega at an event barn. It will be a fun night out for these farmers enjoying great food and music.