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Gravel Road Farm News Oct 1 2022

Posted on October 1st, 2022 by Brigid Ferkett

Gravel Road Farm News, October 4 2022

This is Week 17, only 1 more week left for weekly shares. This might be your last box of 2022!

Summer just left in a hurry!  We are deep into fall temperature and had 3 days of frost in the past week. That means we did a major frost pick in the peppers, and eggplants, both from from the field and high tunnel. As you recall, the plastic blew off the high tunnel and we have not had time to replace it. Normally the high tunnel can help us grow for an extended period of time. So, the basil is done for the year, as well as the eggplants. There are a lot of peppers, both sweet and hot, available for swaps or extras. 

Winter squashes do not have to be used right away, you can save them for weeks on your counter as long as the skin stays intact. They often sweeten over time, as part of their curing process. Sweet potatoes vary in size, but on the smaller side. They also will last for a short period of time on your counter.

We now are giving out storage onions, instead of the ‘sweet’ onions. They will be in 3lb bags,a slightly larger amount than we have been putting in the boxes.

The potatoes are a variety called ‘Superior’. It is a white fleshed all purpose potato. 

If this is your last week, please do us a favor and put your empty wooden crate out to be picked up either on Tuesday, Oct. 11th, or on Tuesday Oct. 18th. We appreciate it!

Even though the CSA boxes are coming to an end. We have 4 Saturdays in October that we will be selling at the Waupaca Farmers market. We will have all the same items at the market, including onions, scallions, leeks, squashes, rutabagas, kale, brussels sprouts, lettuce, and maybe some peppers, cabbages, and carrots, depending on what sells through Harvie.  We are contemplating a few pop up boxes in November and December, with all the winter items. We will send out a message for you to order when we decide how to do them.