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Gravel Road Farm News October 8 2022

Posted on October 8th, 2022 by Ross Ferkett

Gravel Road Farm News, October 4 2022

This is Week 18, the last regular season box of 2022. It has been a good summer. The temperatures and precipitation have not been wild or outside of our expectations. There were a lot of gorgeous days! We had three volunteers that came and helped us with field tasks and packing your boxes. We are so grateful for Ken, Liz, and Jessica!

The cranes are flocking up and many have left for warmer parts. The geese also usually make a big racket this time of year, but it will only be a couple more weeks before it is quiet again at the wetland. We have been making a lot of notes about next year and what kinds of changes we might be making, what did well, and what did not. What to grow more of and which things we should eliminate. What varieties tasted better, and which plants were the most productive, and disease resistant. 

You will notice that back for another round are red beets and gold beets- These don’t have tops, these will be bagged beets. Carrots are also bagged, no tops. They are on the small side, great for packing in your family's lunches.  Our fall crop of cauliflower is just ready now, but there is only a small amount, so only a few will be able to get it. We may have made a small mix up last week. We stated that the potatoes were an all purpose white potato, but we think they are our gold variety, called Onieda gold. That is the same ones in the boxes this week. Not a big deal, but we wanted to be sure to let you all know. 

Please do us a favor and put your empty wooden crate out to be picked up either on Tuesday, Oct. 11th, or on Tuesday Oct. 18th. We appreciate it!Even though the CSA boxes are coming to an end. We have 3 Saturdays in October that we will be selling at the Waupaca Farmers market. Believe it or not the market goes until the end of October. Let’s hope for some decent weather until the end of the month. We will have a lot of the same items we have been putting in the boxes, like carrots, cabbages, and onions. 

We are happy that the CSA is completed, as it is a lot of work and commitment every week. We hope everyone enjoyed all the vegetables and other items they selected. If you can, stop by the farmers market to chat and tell us how you think the season went. -Brigid and Ross