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Gravel Road Farm News August 13 2022

Posted on August 13th, 2022 by Ross Ferkett

Gravel Road Farm News, August 13 2022

We’ve added sweet corn again from Turners Fresh Market in this week’s boxes. We pick the corn up fresh the morning of our deliveries. It is allocated in groups of 4 ears so that you can choose the amount that is right for your family. 

New this week are GOLD beets. You can eat them just like regular beets.  There still are no melons this week, because sadly, they are not ripening in the cool weather. The tomatoes are all kind of slow to ripen as well. But hopefully we will get some sun soon to heat things up. How is it barely 70 degrees in the beginning of August? But the cooler weather is great for lettuce, so you will seek a bunch of that back in the boxes. 

Garlic is new this week. It is not fully cured, but you can eat it at anytime, or let it dry on your counter until you are ready to use it. We will be offering it for many weeks of this season. Zucchini is dwindling. There is still a little bit there, but not a lot. There are no beans this week, but the next planting looks like it is on schedule.

 Flower bouquets will be going on for two more weeks, with August 23rd being the last. We may still have some flowers at the farmers market, but in smaller quantities. The flower season always goes by fast. Of course, just when we are getting tired of some of our tasks around here, like the daily sunflower cutting, it is over. Tomorrow is our fun flower event with the Waupaca Arts Board!

 Flower Bar- Sunday -August 14th- “Articipation” Week Kick Off. IN WAUPACA Make your own bouquet from all the great flowers in season that week. This event is FREE and sponsored by the Waupaca Community Arts Board.