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Winter Lamb Delivery

Posted on February 24th, 2022 by Ross Ferkett

We have a good supply of lamb cuts in the freezer from our winter butchering appointments. Maybe you’d like some to add variety to your late winter diet. We can bring it right to your door next Tuesday, March 1. Please leave a cooler on your porch to protect your delivery from critters and weather and to help us keep costs down. We have ground lamb, stew meat, chops, roasts, sausage, and more. Our grass-fed sheep rotate around our pastures in the summer, and eat hay in the winter. The flavor is mild and very popular. 

You can also pick up some of the vegetables we still have in storage: onions, carrots and cabbage. Cabbage is available by the head (about 2.5 lbs), or if you want to make a project out of it, purchase 15 lbs for only $15.00.The CSA is open for sign ups! You can sign up at Harvie ( to get our vegetable and flower bouquets delivered weekly this summer. If a weekly box sounds like too much, we offer bi-weekly boxes as well. What you get is customized according to your preferences. 

We are looking for an employee (20 hrs/week) this season, so if you know someone who may be interested in learning up close how our operation works, and be a part of a great team, please send us a message (must be available through mid-Oct). We also offer the opportunity to volunteer in exchange for your weekly or bi-weekly box of veggies.

The farm is quietly slumbering underneath the small layer of snow. We wish for a little bit more to help get a better start on the spring plant growth in our pastures, and perennials. The greenhouse is still empty and waiting for the first plants to be started. We will turn on the wood stove the first week of March and plant onions right at that time. Some of our flower seeds also want to be started early to get blooms as early as possible.