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Farm Happenings for September 16, 2020

Posted on September 13th, 2020 by Claudia Frey

Good morning everyone!

I hope this newsletter finds you all safe and well.  The air quality has definitely placed a strain on my breathing, as I am sure it has yours as well.  I hear rain is coming Tuesday, and hope it is enough to end the fires and clear the smoke.

Cabbages continue to ripen, so this week small shares will get Napa Cabbage, and large shares will either get Caraflex Cone Cabbage, or Passat Round Head Cabbage.  Last week large shares received our first harvest of tomatillos.  Small shares will have them in their shares this week.  We have many, many more ripening, so soon both shares will receive these tasty fruits together.  Tomatillos are the base of green enchilada sauce and green salsa.  Add onion, anaheim, pablano and jalapeno peppers, and you have wonderful green salsa!

Green beans continue to ripen as well, but not as fast as I would order them to if I could!  Last week small shares received green beans, this week large shares will receive green beans.  Dark green pole beans are coming ripe.  Compass French beans are almost done for the year.  Bush beans are in the middle of their biggest harvests. 

Also new this week, purple top turnips!  All the purple top turnip greens we harvested made way for their neighbor plants to make beautiful purple top turnips!  Carrots are coming soon.  We keep checking each week, but they have not filled themselves to the tips quite yet. 

We hope you have a wonderful week.  Stay safe.  Let us know if you need anything during the evacuations, etc.

Claudia, Jim, and Stephanie