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Farm Happenings for September 23, 2020

Posted on September 20th, 2020 by Claudia Frey

Happy rainy day!  Good news for everyone.  We are grateful fires have not reached us, and the air quality is improving.  We hope it has been the same for each of you.  I know the fires have come very close to some of your homes, and had to be evacuated.  Please know we are here if anyone needs anything.

Pumpkins are ripening!  We will have pie pumpkins in shares when they are ripe.  Nothing says fall like a sweet pie pumpkin.  Madeline's favorite breads are the product of fall produce... zucchini (with chocolate of course), and pumpkin/bananna (also with chocolate chips).  

We have many, many tomatillos getting bigger, but no really large harvest ready yet.  Everyone has received 1/2 pound so far, unless you opted out in your preferences.  If you have not eaten tomatillos, they are the base of salsa verde, green chili, green enchilada sauce.  Combine tomatillos with onion, pablano peppers, anaheim peppers and perhaps a serrano or jalapeno or two for a little heat, and you have some amazing salsa or sauce, depending how you chop it.  

Green beans came in with gusto last week, so everyone received one pound of bush green beans.  Bush beans are about done for the season, but we have some french green beans and pole green beans still ripening and flowering.  If the frost stays away, we will continue to get beans! We will rotate green beans and tomatillos into your shares as they are available.

We are moving from lettuce to cabbage season, so more varieties of cabbages will be coming you way in our last weeks of the CSA season.  Tomatoes are mostly finished flowering, but as long as we do not receive a really hard frost, we should be able to harvest the tomatoes on the vine as they ripen.  We hope you are enjoying the variety of heirlooms, both cherry and slicers.

As we look to the end of the season (Week 20), we will be sending out a survey to ask what vegetables you would like to see more or less of.  If you remember any varieties, it helps us out in picking out next year's crops and varieties.  We want to grow what you would like in your shares... as long as we can grow it here.

Finally, thank you for your continued support of local, organic agriculture.  Without you, we would not be farming.  Please let us know if we can improve in any way!

Have a great week,

Claudia, Jim, Stephanie and Evan