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Lettuce Rejoice! December 15, 2022 - The Final Share!

Posted on December 8th, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Administrative Details
Wow! We’ve made it, week 10 of 10 for our winter share. Thanks for joining us on the journey!

We decided to send out the final two weeks of shares in paper to make it so you don’t have to think about returning bags over the holidays.  If you find some hiding at home please drop them by the farm at 84400 Currie Line, Belgrave, Square Brew in Goderich, Wonky Frog in Blyth, or Shop Bike in Bayfield.

The last of our lettuce has suffered some cold damage. We are offering it, in limited quantities for this final week, however please be aware that it has some discoloration. We have SO MUCH SPINACH, so if you want perfect greens go for spinach (if the lettuce sells out, go for spinach!).

What’s in the Box?
I’m really proud of these veggies we’ve grown this year. We’ve never made it to the final share with this kind of variety and quality. Our carrots are sweet and crisp with nary a rust fly larva to be seen. We still have fresh hakurei turnips, elegant bok choi, and even some darling little radishes. The sweet potatoes are abundant and I could go on. I can’t pick something to feature, I love them all too much. Just enjoy everything. 

On second thought, I suppose I'll share that I'm going to make cabbage rolls this weekend and add in a recipe so that you may decide to do the same:

On the Farm
It’s been a flurry of activity on the farm this week. The contractors that dug our wetland/ pond project were finally able to come back to complete the work. The last step is to dig in nearly 600’ of pipe that will connect the waste water from vegetable washing to a filtration bed. Once the water is filtered it will outlet into the pond. I’m really excited to see it all in action next year and to recapture this precious resource in a way that will support the ecology of this little postage stamp of a farm.

I shared last week that we won’t be attending farmers markets in 2023. It’s truly strange as these weekly events have been such a big part of the fabric of our lives over these past 10 years.

I actually went into labour for Jack at the Goderich farmers’ market. I was 6 days overdue, and was quite certain I would be pregnant forever. He arrived early the next morning, and made his market debut 6 days later. I still remember the love washing over us from our market customers. We were swaddled and held within it.  He's grown up with you all, I mean really all of us have.  Brian and I were such babies when we started farming!

Here we are at our first farmers market ever!
It’s a bittersweet decision, but I’m really excited about the extra energy it’ll free up for our farm share program (CSA), and our little family. We wouldn’t be able to do this without all of you.

If you’d like to help us plan better for 2023 you can sign up for a 2023 share starting on Monday December 12, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. Not to worry, I’ll be in touch the morning of to send out a reminder. Also, please don’t feel any pressure, you’ll have lots of chances to sign up in the new year and we’ll still run an autorenew in February.

One last note: I am a really grateful sort of person. I feel privileged to be able to do this work, and to raise my family in this beautiful place. I say thank you a lot to you all, and I hope that doesn’t water it down- I really mean it. You make this possible, I am grateful.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and I hope to see you all next year.
Farmer Tamara