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Lettuce Rejoice! December 9, 2022 - Early Bird gets ALL THE VEGETABLES!

Posted on December 1st, 2022 by Tamara McMullen

Farm Administration


Guys, it’s week 9 of 10!  Can you believe it?  Only two shares to go and what an amazing 35 weeks of farm share it has been so far!  If you were hoping to stock up on anything, now is the time!

Also, what an abundance of binder clips y’all sent back this week!  Thank you!  They are surprisingly expensive, and oh-so-useful- I see why they have been sneaking away throughout the season, but I absolutely appreciate their return home!

One last reminder about our quick survey.  The average time to fill it in is just over three minutes.  Can you spare three minutes to make your 2023 vegetable dreams come true? I hope so!  Here’s the link:

I love every response we’ve received, even the ones with constructive criticism, and I really love this comment about why this particular member wants to come back next year:

“Because your food is amazeballs, and you’re all kind and doing great things for our community!”

Thanks anonymous veggie lover, you sure know how to make this farm girl smile!

I must admit, I wish that less of you want brussels sprouts next year.  This is the one vegetable that continues to drive me utterly crazy.  But the crowd has spoken, and brussels sprouts are at the top of my research calendar for this winter.  Will it be the year of the brussels sprout?  I hope so!  


What’s in the Box?

What do I spotlight this week?  Hhhmmmm… I think I should bring attention to the cutest carrots in the land.  We grew some incredibly sweet baby rainbow carrots this fall and I can’t think of anything better for your holiday table.  They are ready to go on your party crudite trays (they’ll combat sugar coma’s everywhere!), and are divine roasted:

I’m planning to ferment some this week and so should you (I’m a fermenting zealot these days):

You should probably also stock up on candy cane beets!  They are so festive and beautiful.  They do lose some of their signature stripey-ness when you cook them, so perhaps give a raw salad like this one a try:


On the Farm:

I am in the middle of a spreadsheet for farmer’s course.  It is as exciting as it sounds but a modern veggie farmer needs modern tools to wring every last ounce of vegetable goodness out of a tiny piece of land.  Next week I’ll tear myself away from it to take in the Ecological Farmers of Ontario annual conference.  It always falls right around my birthday and I consider it an excellent gift.  It gets me all fired up for another season.

I’ve also been working closely with Farmer Autumn to prepare for our first ever Early Bird farm share launch! 

We’ve made a big, crazy decision to focus entirely on our Farm Share and wholesale clients, and stop attending farmers markets.  We have LOVED our time at the markets.  We got our start there, were welcomed into the community, and the markets are a big part of what allowed us to buy our farm and move forward on our big dream of a beautiful tiny life.  However, it’s time for us to focus on our little family on weekends, and focus on what has become the heart of this farm, which is our Farm Share/ CSA program.  We want to be able to build stronger relationships with you all, to welcome you to the farm throughout the season, and to grow more of things that you want.  In order to do all of that, we need to simplify a bit.  So here we are, doing what would have seemed impossible years ago, and stepping back from markets and stepping forward to become even more of YOUR farmers. 

The early bird sign up will help us plan for 2023, and will help us purchase important supplies like seeds, potting soil, and compost. 

Here are the important details about the Early Bird launch:

Share signups for 2023 will open on December 12th, 2022, at 8:00 a.m. – put it in your calendar!

The first 20 registrations will receive a $10 gift card for Eat Local Huron

Anyone who registers by 11:59 p.m. December 31st, 2022, will receive a voucher for a free seedling in our spring seedling sale.

Anyone who chooses to pay in full, for any share season will receive a 5% top up credit in their Harvie account (ex. a $500 share gets a $25 credit).  **You will need to contact Tamara to pay in full,**

We will still run an autorenew in February for anyone who is eligible, and that does not take advantage of the Early Bird sign up, and anyone can sign up in 2023.  You'll get plenty of reminders to sign up in future.  

Anyone who wants help signing up should reach out to me, Tamara, at  I’m happy to help!                

Thank you all, we are so grateful to have you be part of our farm.

Farmer Tamara