Farm Happenings at Fifth Crow Farm
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Farm Happenings at Fifth Crow Farm

Farm News for April 3, 2021

Posted on March 31st, 2021
Meet the new "Muscle" ;)... it'll likely be a year or so before these guys are really "working".  Right now they're just in training.  As we mentioned in a previous update, Henri, our Livestock Guardian Dog (who cares for the chickens) is getting to be an old man and needs some help. 1 read more »

Farm News for March 20, 2021

Posted on March 17th, 2021
What to report this week?  We're planting our first round of outdoor dahlias, hopefully sowing carrots and salad greens, and beets before the predicted rain this Thursday.   ... And we've been getting ready to welcome Henri's helpers this week. Our Livestock Guardian Dog, Henri, who1 read more »

Farm News for March 13, 2021

Posted on March 9th, 2021
Howdy all- The first Spring ground is ready for planting!  That's Lucas Hill one of our full time tractoristas and Sunset market lead in the photo, listing beds in the "Back 40" fields.  Other exciting news... we've found 2 puppies to add to the team.  Henri, our current Livestock Gu1 read more »

Farm News for March 6, 2021

Posted on March 2nd, 2021
What's our latest news? So much to report! V-Day at Fifth Crow!  San Mateo County and Puente came through this past week for the Agricultural Worker community :)  We all got our first doses of Covid-19 Vaccine.  Such a huge relief.  We are sooo grateful to all who've been advoca1 read more »