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Go Greens!

Posted on June 22nd, 2018 by Heather Coffey

We've always liked to wait a tiny bit later to start our Summer CSA season in order to ensure there's enough different veggies to fill your basket for the week. Our lettuces, cilantro, sorrel, and hakuri have been going strong for a couple weeks now. Your patience for starting your weekly deliveries has been rewarded by having over 14 veggies to choose from. It's been interesting seeing how Harvie fills your baskets and selects from the multiple vegetables based on your preferences. Have fun customizing your shares, we can't wait to harvest it all for you :)

Notice anything that seems unseasonal? Some of our winter storage veggies are still rocking, so if you'd prefer not have quite as many greens there are options to pull in the following crops still going strong in storage from last fall: Rutabaga, Potatoes, Shallots, and tiny Sweet Potatoes. However, there's lots of greens to go around so if you want them feast away!

There are two things you can do with your share this week:

1. Swap out items for others, based on your preferences. There's a great little Harvie help page here if you want a hand. Keep an eye on the total price of your box, you'll have to balance the value of the items you're swapping in or out although you also have an option to pay the difference.

2. Add on any extras - that is items beyond the value you've already paid for. So you can grab extra lettuce for a pot-luck, or stock up your freezer. These will be charged to your credit card on file (if you paid up front, you can add your card details if you wish). Again, there's a handy Harvie help page here.

As well as our full vegetable availabilities, extras is also a way we'd like to bring you a taste of Prince Edward County by delivering some complimentary items that we love in our kitchen produced by our friends. Any items from another farm will only be available as extras (never filled automatically into your boxes), and clearly labeled with their name and logo in the image. This week you'll see Jubilee Forest Farm's fresh milled flours and maple syrup... because fresh flour can be hard to come by, and we love to see our neighbours growing and milling it the same way we would! 

And if you prefer not get involved in all this e-mail and login business, just sit back and relax - the veggies you see listed by default will be packed up for you to enjoy without having to do a thing :)

Enjoy the Tastiness, Heather and the Fiddleheads