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Summer Holiday Season

Posted on July 28th, 2019 by Heather Coffey

It's the time of year for heading out on adventures, and we've welcomed a child of each of our mexican ladies to join us at the farm for their holidays as well as their partners! Last weekend we took them up to Steph's family cottage for a true Canadian adventure, and I we had fun teaching them how to trust life jackets, and paddle a canoe. Marina's daughter is celebrating her 15th birthday which is a big deal in Mexico, so to get to celebrate it here with her mom is extra special.

If you're planning adventures, don't forget about re-arranging your veggie bags. You can log into Harvie at any time and click on My deliveries to see when you're scheduled to pick up and where. It's easiest to do this a week or earlier before your expected delivery - when you have the option to reschedule for another week, move it to another location (then set a new date on a different day of the week) or place the share on hold (if you don't want it). If you get a customization e-mail, it means we'll be packing you a bag! That's your last chance to change it up - and note that when you cancel, it's automatically rescheduling to the next week just look at the date it's suggesting below your cancel button. Harvie's got a great guided tour of the process here with pictures and detailed explanations.