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James on Our Winter Warehouse Work!

Posted on January 26th, 2021 by Featherstone Farm


Greetings CSA faithful, my name is James and I run the Warehouse operations here at Featherstone farm. The familiar sting of cold winter air seems to have finally arrived this week as we begin to prepare another glorious box of winter veggies for your consumption.

As a seasoned veteran here at Featherstone, this winter has been familiar with strong aromas of carrots and celeriac permeating throughout the building, however a few notable key changes have also been made. This year we have invested in and upgraded our washing equipment, meaning much less intense physical labor as well as some gained efficiency.  

A stainless steel brush washer, soak tank, and barrel washer replaced our old rickety brush washer, which got the old yeller treatment at the end of summer (see title photo). Think Tesla, as compared to a pinto, or 1990 Ford Tempo ( my old car). Quite the difference!  Our small remaining winter crew, our die hards, have been grateful for the new equipment, making work inside of the warehouse this winter more enjoyable and safe.

At this point in the winter, the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming clearer and clearer. The sound of carrots churning inside the wash line will cease, and the sound of vacuum seeders enter the fray immediately on March 1st. The temperature gets raised, and the warehouse once again slumbers until the first boxes of lettuce some time in May. This is the circular lives we live here, waiting until it all comes back around again.

Without your support, none of this is able to happen. After experiencing this past year and beyond, your support by purchasing these boxes mean more than you know. It means we have work, unlike many presently. It means we can continue to have pride in what we do, feeding  people while contributing our best to replenish what we take from the earth. It means we can employee our visa workers, knowing the money they make here improves the lives of their families many miles away. There are so many reasons for your support, and even more reasons to thank you all deeply for the support you give us. Thanks again, and know that words cannot describe accuaretly our gratitude.   



James Mabry

Warehouse Coordinator