Farm Happenings at Farmer Joe's Gardens
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Farm Happenings at Farmer Joe's Gardens

[CSA Update] Last week of 2022 CSA

Posted on September 15th, 2022
We are here - the last week of the 2022 CSA season. Over the past eighteen weeks, you have eaten your way through farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, and the entire farm team has focused on bringing those to you. We put fresh, local, and healthy food into your hands. You helped us continue farming. W1 read more »

[CSA Update] Welcome to week 2

Posted on September 8th, 2022
Locally we got over 8 inches of rain last week! During the first hour of the rainstorm, the water was coming down so fast it was just sitting on the ground surface. It was about 4 inches deep just sitting there because the ground was so hard and dry. Eventually, the soil loosened in spots. I watche1 read more »

[CSA Update] Welcome to week 3

Posted on September 1st, 2022
Now you can see what the difference between a wet season vs. a dry season creates in the corn field. And I keep planting corn because it tastes like summer as a kid. Eastern Connecticut has been declared a natural disaster as the drought grows. The last time Connecticut reached this level of drough1 read more »