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[CSA Update] Last week of 2022 CSA

Posted on September 15th, 2022 by Ida DeFrancesco

We are here - the last week of the 2022 CSA season. Over the past eighteen weeks, you have eaten your way through farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, and the entire farm team has focused on bringing those to you.

We put fresh, local, and healthy food into your hands.

You helped us continue farming.

We experienced 10 weeks of extreme drought and we didn't miss a single week.

You supported our farming friends like Cato Corner, Smyth's Trinity, Blue Hills Orchard, Soffer Farms, and Hastings Farm.

We grieved for the passing of Katherine Deumling, our go-to chef for seasonal cooking.

We had a strawberry crop failure.  We had a record-setting spinach harvest.

I've ordered the corn seed for 2023 - despite the shortage and low yields, I am thinking positively about 2023.

This busy farmer, father, and friend, hopes you can continue to put aside time to celebrate as well as time to sit down with your friends and family.

Take time to plan out meals. Take time to sit down and take care of yourselves. Make a trip out to the farm stand - we are open through October 23 unless it snows.

Don't forget Gimli, Smeagol, Precious, and the hens as they all want a chance to say goodbye before we bring them to our barns in Northford for the winter.

Thank you for your support, your feedback, and for enjoying all the fun of the Farmer Harvest. We can't do this without you.