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[CSA Update] Welcome to week 13

Posted on June 23rd, 2022 by Ida DeFrancesco

Give peas a chance.
They call me sweet pea.
I lost one pea from my plate at dinner the other day. It was an escape-pea.
I sat on some peas in the car. It was a bumpea ride.
Some peas rolled off my plate, and one went far further than the rest. He was the cham-pea-on.

Who says eating whole foods needs to be all serious?

The closer food is to its natural state, the less it's been processed and the more "whole" it is.
Growing up, many of us did not have a positive relationship with "whole" foods.
We preferred apple juice to apples. Folks frequently overcook vegetables. Meals used frozen veggies that lost their texture. The typical veggie side dishes didn't inspire us.
We know we are supposed to include so many vegetables on our plates - it certainly helps when you have a vegetable/whole/green food that gives that positive experience.
Peas can be your go-to green food this week. Snacks, side dishes, part of the main dish, and a smoothie recipe might be out there. Raw or cooked. Give peas a chance.
They are super sweet, half a cup of peas is less than 70 calories, and they are loaded with additional nutrients. When I hand my sons a quart of peas, I don't feel too bad about it compared to the bags of potato chips lurking nearby.
Pea season is pretty short, less than a month from beginning to end. Each of us only gets to scoop out fresh peas a few times every year. Enjoy the time it takes to snap and crunch and munch. Create that positive feeling with a veggie today.