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[CSA Update] Welcome to week 14

Posted on June 16th, 2022 by Ida DeFrancesco

Committing to a farm share should be an adventure! Making favorite meals full of flavor is a great start. Making comfort meals that ease you through busy life is top on the to-do lists. Stretching the boundaries and tasting foods and vegetables you have never tried is an adventure.

The fields are starting to open up this week, and we want to see you stretch your culinary skills.

Did you try the lettuce is something other than a salad? You are on your way.

I show a picture of kohlrabi above. The leaves, stalk, and globe are edible. If you have never seen it before, your grandparents likely did it. Kohlrabi lost popularity years ago - and I know some ways to make you look forward to it in your share.

Kohlrabi leaves and stems can be chopped up thin and steamed. The leaves can be used interchangeably in collard greens or kale recipes.

The kohlrabi globe can be kept for ages in your refrigerator crisper drawer so you can stockpile it. The globe is tough to peel - so use the good kitchen knife and keep your fingers out of the way. I make the kohlrabi burgers with cheesy pesto to win over the skeptics - highly recommended.