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[CSA Update] Welcome to week 18

Posted on May 19th, 2022 by Ida DeFrancesco

Get excited about your first basket!  I am cheering on the lettuce to make it grow in time for the first baskets! The spinach waved at me to say we want to join 2022; we missed out on 2021! The first three weeks of our CSA have fluffy greens, mushrooms, and lots of energy.

Some introductions as we welcome you this week to help you get to know us. I do like the phrase, "Know your farmer, know your food!" I am Farmer Joe, and together with my wife, Homestead Ida, we are gearing up for CSA pick-ups and deliveries. I am the fourth generation farmer on my family land. I started farming because I would find my entire family in the fields, so I joined in. Today, I am genuinely delighted to head out before the sun comes up to work with the soil and hop into a tractor every day! My wife manages the farm stand and the chickens. My sons help us clean produce, mind the chickens, and help out on CSA days. We have several folks on the farm team that you will meet along the way - but if you encounter Amelia, Nichole, Justin, Aaron, Savannah, Velia, or Corey, you make sure to introduce yourself and share your favorite stories about how much you have been looking forward to fresh veggies.


Each week we will include our newsletter with updates around the farm, recipes for the main box, and storage tips. With customizations in your box, the emails will be critical to save you time and help you get the most out of your share. 


Lastly, build the farm share you get excited about! We sent out emails on how to update crop preferences. Rate any items that you have a strong feeling about. If you put something as "not for me," you won't see it in your shares. You can update preferences throughout the season as well. If you are up for trying things, leave them as no preference - you will still be able to swap and order extras. There is less variety over the first three weeks (weeks 18, 17, & 16) than later in the season - keep that in mind. We will keep mixing it up for a great meal.