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[CSA Update] Last week of 2019 CSA

Posted on September 20th, 2019 by Ida DeFrancesco

It's been a quiet week on the farm, where I am doing more tractor work these days to prepare the fields for winter and beyond. Over the past six weeks, you have eaten your way through farm-fresh vegetables and fruits, and the entire farm team has focused on bringing those to you. The custom program has been an adventure for us here on the farm - every week faced new challenges and great successes. With all that time freed up, we are thinking about all the changes that happened over the entire summer.

We celebrated marriages and helped feed in-laws for critical family introduction meals. We saw kids we've known since their parents brought them in with the strollers head off to kindergarten this year. This busy farmer, father, and friend, hope you can continue to put aside time to celebrate as well as time to sit down with your friends and family. Take time to plan out meals. Take time to sit down and take care of yourselves.
You may find it hard to pick what to eat in the next few weeks. Make a trip out to the farm stand - we are open through October 28 unless it snows. If you head elsewhere, trust your nose and read your labels. Smell the produce and decide if it smells the way you expect it to. Ask questions.
Sugar pumpkins are in many shares this week - decorate with them and make sure to eat them before they go soft. Leave pumpkins out of the direct sun of the day, and under some sort of overhang or protection from frost to help them last longer.
We are open for the 2020 CSA season. If you loved it this year - think about how great it will be to see us again in just a few short months. If you know folks would love it - send them a referral and you both win. Support local food diversity and good agriculture practices - tell us to plant for you.
Thank you for your support, your feedback, and for enjoying all the fun of the Farmer Harvest. We can't do this without you.