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[CSA Update] May check in

Posted on May 11th, 2020 by Ida DeFrancesco

It is time for a check-in with your farmer.

We had snow and a killing freeze hit our fields this week. The spinach field was hit the hardest when we dropped into the low 20s and will not grow out of it.

I am watching the fields with cold greens like lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, and others as temperatures start warming up. If we get a week of warm weather the plants will develop and we will be on schedule with a great basket. I have also started the mushrooms to take the place of the crop we have already lost. We have over two weeks until the CSA is scheduled to start. If the weather does not warm up for a good stretch to allow the soil to dry and the plants to mature, I will delay the start of the harvest for one week.  It would be the same number of harvests, the same number of baskets, just taking the first week and adding it to the end of the season.  I will make that call by the end of next week.

This has been a wild spring full of the unknown and uncontrollable change. Farming requires around the clock risk management and adaptability. I spend a lot of time planning for the best scenario and I make back up plans for things that could change those plans. Currently, we are in a cautiously optimistic position with good health and an excellent team. If you are dreaming about the summer flavors, the safety of locally grown, and thankful for the opportunity to shop small - we are nearly at harvest.

Stay safe and healthy, smile as often as you can, and we'll be here for you at the farm. - Farmer Joe