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June 21st & 23rd

Posted on June 15th, 2022 by Kelli Kelly

What's up y'all!


What happened to the lettuce farmers who had their crops stolen?

They lost their heads!



We are featuring Pioneer Farm in Fallon, NV. this week

Scott does an absolute amazing job growing veggies for The Farm Share. 

If you missed out on kohlrabi last week, you’ll get another chance this week.

Pioneer Farm has a limited about of arugula and baby kale.

They also have green cabbage, kohlrabi, and fennel.

Lets show some love to Pioneer farm and sell out his veggies! Its a dare!!!



Add-on this week are

Lattin Farm Bread: (Limited supply)

Triple Chocolate & Chocolate Nut

Mother Flokkers Furry Patch:

1 Dozen Duck Eggs 

Bijou’s Bloom

1 Dozen Chicken Eggs 

Kennedy Ranch Chicken:

4-5 pound whole chicken



Just a friendly reminder….

We will be taking 4th of July week off.

Most of the Harvesting happens on Mondays and since that happens to land on 4th of July,

we want everyone to enjoy their day off. 

NO boxes will be delivered Tuesday July 5th or Thursday July 7th