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What's Happening?!?! Last of the Season

Posted on September 23rd, 2020 by Kelli Kelly

Greetings Farm Fans - 

Can you believe it is the LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON!!!?!?!  What a year it has been!  

I have been getting some inquiries about a fall season and what is going to happen in the next few months - so here are the details as they now stand.  We are NOT planning on running a SUBSCRIPTION season this winter.  With the loss of Dayton Valley Aquaponics as well as some other changes within our cadre of farmers, we don't want to put ourselves into a situation where we don't have enough available produce to offer our customers the quantity and selection that you are used to.  Instead, we are going to offer pop-up farm boxes featuring produce AND OTHER LOCAL FOODS as we are able.  These pop-up shares will be available for purchase through the farm stand, so I recommend that you make sure that you are signed up for email notifications.  We plan on offering boxes that include produce, honey, jams & jellies, meat, eggs, dairy, coffee, and more.  Additionally, the framework for the farm stand is changing!  You will be able to build your box from the ground up.

WE APPRECIATE YOU and your commitment to supporting local Nevada Farmers!  Included in your box this week - keep an eye out for a special Thank You from all of us at the Fallon Food Hub!

We hope that you have a great winter AND stay tuned for info about pop-up shares over the course of the coming months!