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What's Happening - September 15 & 17

Posted on September 9th, 2020 by Kelli Kelly

Greetings Farm Fans!

I hope that this cold front did a little to clean up the smoke in your air!  Here in Fallon we have celebrated a whole 24 hours of blue skies and (while I know it won't last long) it has been a welcome reprieve!  The cold front did bring in a little frost and our partner farms reported to me some limited frost damage.  Fortunately, it was fairly insignificant and we are still celebrating one heck of a harvest season!

NEW THIS WEEK!  We have our first harvest of Christmas (Santa Claus) Melons!  These are LARGE melons equivalent to a traditional watermelon in size!  We also have our first WIDE selection of winter squash - honeynut, carnival, stripetti, and small wonder are available for your boxes.

As an update to our grant project - we have distributed almost 5 tons of local produce to food insecure families in Fallon, the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Reservation, and now Hungry Valley reservation.  This program has impacted 500 households and over 2000 individuals. I know that you understand the benefits of locally grown produce.  It has been so rewarding to share this experience with families who regularly struggle to be able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables AT ALL.

We hope this email finds you well and AS ALWAY

Thank you for your support of Nevada Farmers!