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Farm Happenings for Week of June 1st

Posted on May 27th, 2020 by Kelli Kelly

Greetings Farm Fans - 

It has been an interesting week in local food for Northern Nevada.  The largest regional distributor of northern Nevada produce has announced that they are closing their doors.  Between restaurant closures, a significant decrease in sales from restaurants that stayed open, and the cancellation of Burning Man (an event that generated around $50,000 in local produce sales in 1 week) our friends at DROPP realized that they were not going to be able to continue operations.  This means that there are a bunch of farmers in our area who are looking for additional help selling their produce. 

Here at the Great Basin Basket Farm Share, we feel a responsibility to help distribute all of the amazing produce that our partner farms are growing.  So we decided to increase the number of subscriptions we are offering for the Summer Season.  

As of 1:00 this afternoon - we are officially NOT SOLD OUT.  We have increased the amount of subscriptions that we are offering to the highest level that we have ever had.  So - if you love your farm share, tell your friends!  If you refer another subscriber who commits to the season, we will reward you with a $15 credit that you can use to add extras and pay for swaps to  your box.

We hope that this email finds you well!

Now - in honor of Scott Goodpasture's First Rutabaga Harvest, I will leave you with a poem:

Laura Grace Weldon: "Rutabaga"

You darken as my knife slices
blushing at what you become.
I save your thick leaves
and purple skin
to feed the cows.

A peasant guest at any meal
you agree to hide in fragrant stew
or gleam nakedly
in butter and chives.

Though your seeds are tiny
you grow with fierce will
grateful for poor soil and dry days,
heave up from the ground
under sheltering stalks
to sweeten with the frost.

Tonight we take you into our bodies
as if we do you a favor—
letting your molecules
become a higher being,
one that knows music and art.

But you share with us
what makes you a rutabaga.
Through you we eat sunlight,
taste the soil’s clamoring mysteries,
gain your seed’s perfect might.

Thank you for your support of Nevada Farmers!