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Farm Happenings for Sep 14, 2022

Posted on September 11th, 2022 by Marnie Chown

Tis the season for scrumptious greens...for real! If you're looking to pack a punch of nutritious veggies into your meal there's no better way than with greens. 

A member told me that he made cabbage rolls but used chard leaves instead and that it worked really well and was yummy too! Check out the chard roll recipe ideas below. I think I'll be trying one myself this week! 


If you didn't get a chance at the apples last week, don't despair because we have more this week! We are planning to have them available until the end of the season...or until Hall's runs out, but I'm not sure that's a possibility. :)


Recipe ideas:

 Swiss Chard 'Cabbage Rolls' 

 Chard Rolls with Ground Beef and Rice 

 Garlicky Sauteed Chard