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Farm Happenings for Aug 3, 2022

Posted on July 31st, 2022 by Marnie Chown

This week we have some of the first beefsteak tomatoes and slicer tomatoes ready, woohooo! Also CORN!!! 

 We have small quantities of the tomatoes at the moment but there should be a big flush coming soon.


Forman Farms is run by Charlie and Christine Forman, my (Marnie) aunt and uncle!! Their corn is famous in the Gananoque area and we always really enjoy it. This week we will have it available as a swap item in Harvie so be sure to look for it during the customization period. 

It's conventionally grown corn, aka: not organic! 

We will drive down to get corn from them for the next three weeks or so...depending on availability of course! 



Check out these recipe ideas for this week:

    Fresh Sweet Corn Salad  

 Chicken and Charred Corn Tacos 

 Sweet Corn Chowder