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Farm Happenings for Sept 20-25, 2021

Posted on September 19th, 2021 by Marnie Chown

The past week has been such beautiful weather for working outside! With the arrival of fall it's really nice to have fewer bugs and the leaves starting to change around the farm. 

Over the past few days Pat has been working hard at moving the caterpillar tunnels. He is taking them off eggplants and pepper and moving them over beds planted with fall crops. The heat generated by the sunlight through the plastic is critical since we have limited greenhouse space this fall. 

We are going to start harvesting larger volumes of our beets this week! We have more leeks, french fingerling potatoes, greens, tomatoes, peppers and turnips going out amongst other things. 


We sourced some pie pumpkins and from Greg at Harmony Farm as well, so look for those in the swap area! Our pumpkins didn't work out like we had hoped so we decided to purchase some of his to have some available for everyone.


There will be more of our own squashes, some for Forman Farms and apples from Hall's as well this week. 

Enjoy your veggies!