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Farm Happenings for Sept 13-18th 2021

Posted on September 12th, 2021 by Marnie Chown

Well the leaves are starting to change around here and things are starting to really turn in the garden. We don't have too many more weeks of peppers, tomatoes, eggplants and other heat-loving crops!

Pat was working all weekend getting our spring beds raised and cover cropped. Raising the beds like this will enable better drainage which is critical for our early season crops. We never know how much moisture will come over the winter, or how early things will warm up in the spring, so doing this gives us a better chance at getting into the beds early since the tops will warm up and dry out more quickly than if they were flat. 

We will have beets this week, and turnips again but we are going to leave the rest of the carrots in the ground for a bit longer. 

We have started harvesting some red potatoes and they look great! 

We will also have leeks, our own winter squashes, some from Forman's as well, and more apples! 

The greens are looking good and there will be lots of romaine, some salad mix and a few bunches of chard back in the mix. 


Enjoy your veggies this week!