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Systems, Systems, Systems - September 10, 2019

Posted on September 6th, 2019 by Cameron Ottens

Any modern operation is complicated.

And if you ever dig into it, you're going to find *cough* disfunction.

This is everywhere.

One natural reaction to this is to feel like it's a set back.

"Oh jeeze, I thought we were about to move forward on 'x,' but it turns out we have to prioritize cleaning up 'y.'"

It feels like a set back because it's a required detour, which means you'll get where you're heading slower.

But it's also a gift. An opportunity

If you find out something you thought was working, isn't, that means your status quo included that disfunction.

Now that you've stumbled upon this little issue, and it's obvious enough that it was easy to find, you have a golden opportunity to snatch up some low-hanging fruit. To bank an easy-win.

In building out a new pack-line process to accommodate custom boxes, we're digging into a lot of different workflows. Honestly, what we're finding isn't super inspiring ... that is until we remember that these are the work-horse processes that have been working well-enough for us to totally ignore them ... for years.

That's pretty dang reliable.

So really these "problems" are opportunities to improve.

And improve, we shall.


Thanks for being part of our journey while we test out new features and work out some kinks.


As always, let us know any little thing that rubs you, or delights you. We'll promise to try and do less of the former, and a lot more of the latter.



Cameron Ottens