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Farm Happenings for November 9, 2018

Posted on November 4th, 2018 by Mike Nolan

Hello Friends

That photo is from late September when we finished packing CSA boxes on a Thursday night.  That was a local crew who have been volunteering at the farm for the past 2 to 4 years.  "And I'm like, OMG, why do they keep coming out? Don't they have something better to do?"

But really what could be better than being outrageous and packing fresh organic produce on a hot Thursday night?  This farm had operated on that spirit for many years and I love it.  There are many more personalities that have populated the barn and populated your boxes over the years and have helped in the greenhouses, fields and at the markets.  They have been employees, friends and volunteers that came out, stayed late, worked hard and put the best of the farm into every box delivered.  I remember one night last summer when, after dark, we were packing boxes in the middle of a thunderstorm and we lost power. No sooner had I started fumbling around looking for headlamps and gas powered lights when all of the 10 or so volunteers flipped on their phone lights and kept the line rolling. 

Thanks for all of your help this year everyone, whether you were in the barn or picking up at your drop point. The connection between the farm and the community is unforgettable.

Looking ahead:  Thanksgiving.  Remember - this is the last week of the season for Friday and Saturday delivery. The last delivery for DC will be Tuesday Nov. 20 and farm pickup will be on Monday Nov. 19.

A lot of you have ordered turkeys and that is great. Brooks at North Mountain Pastures thinks thay they may sell out this year, so order asap with me to reserve one.

Check out this link to get an idea of the sizes available (mediums and larges, smalls are sold out) and then email me with your order.  I will get back to you asap and arrange for 3/4 payment by next week through Paypal or check and then the final amount after I pickup your bird and check the weight.

Thanks and talk soon.