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Farm Happenings for Week 17, September 21 & 22, 2018

Posted on September 17th, 2018 by Mike Nolan

Hello Friends,   We had a problem with our internet (DSL) last night at the farm so your store is late to open.   It's was a remarkable change in the weather yesterday and the time flew as I planted row after row of spinach and chard, the rainy misery of the past few weeks almost gone from my memory in one day.  At lunch, as I sneaked in a little Downton Abbey, I gazed out the window and yearned for this (more reasonable) sunshine on my skin in the fields. Wonderful.   The picture depicts Field 1 and 2 yesterday after I finished seeding.  Beyond are a few acres of daikon radish and fall greens etc.  They were all planted about 3 weeks too late due to the weather and tractor repairs but we may get them to produce with some careful cultivation. You'll be the first to know. This week still sees us behind in the transition to fall and I apologize for the repeat items in your boxes.  Last week I purchased the kale and lettuce from Dickinson College Farm (certified organic) in an attempt to change up the boxes for you.  Our radishes, turnips and cucumbers are behind because of the rain and clouds.  The sun is needed now and for an extended period.   As for 2019, I am looking at the numbers and the farm debt to figure out the best path forward.  Earth Spring is a relatively new start up farm, 9 years, and not a multi-generational one.  I am working with Kitchen Table Consultants to better understand weekly cash flow.  They have helped a lot of farms and businesses like ours to recover from and overcome heavy debt loads.  I am sure we will find a way and I will keep you posted.   Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.   Farmer Mike