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Farm Happenings for September 24, 2021

Posted on September 17th, 2021 by Mike Nolan

Hi Friends,

Cooler weather is on the way, which will sweeten up our green leafy vegetables and cut down on insect pressure. We are doing a massive harvest of winter squash this weekend which will be nice to have safe and dry in the barn and soon we'll be offering Sweet Georgia Candy Roaster Squash for all of the fall soups! Our winter squash variety is on full display on the pick list this week and we just started harvesting a new crop of fresh Tendersweet cabbages. Spring onions and leaf lettuce make a return as well as sweet corn and peaches as lots of sunflowers and red and gold amaranth in our bouquets remind us that autumn approaches!

Farmer Mike will be using his minor in landscape architecture and love of operating heavy machinery to overhaul the farm's front gardens and in two weeks' time we are breaking ground for our new farm store which will be able to fit 6 people at a time instead of just one. This is a highly anticipated project we hope to complete before the holidays begin.